Did you know?

In the spirit of Residenza La Costa there is plenty of space in the garage elavator and even Range Rovers and Jaguars easily fit in it. Parking places are wide enough to be able to park even very wide bodied cars.

The cellars are located between the left 2 buildings on the property. Electricity is available in the cellars, just in case you want to keep your wine there in one of those special wine climate controllers.











La Costa even has a 63m2 Atomic Shelter. This was mandatory by Swiss Law at the time the construction took place.

The key characteristics of the residence

Key characteristic of the Residenza La Costa are the very spacious "common" areas, like the hallways, staircases, etc.. Below is main entrance and the hallway that leads to the top building.

Finishing can be considered very luxerious with extreme attention being paid to detail.

Swimming Pool

The large outdoor swimming pool is open from May until the end of September. Opening hours are from 9AM to 10PM. Behind the pool is a little building that contains a bathroom and a shower.

Lake access

You can get to the Residenza La Costa also by boat. There is a private jetty right beneath the Residenza that owners can use for drop-off and pick-up purposes.